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From Assistant to Photographer: Katie Levine Launches Her Fashion Career

© Katie Levine © Katie Levine Meanwhile, she was constantly honing her own style by shooting portraits at her Staten Island apartment of friends, neighbors and acquaintances. She also called modeling agencies, offering to do test shoots with models. “I was reaching out, being super friendly, taking any opportunity [and treating] every job like my dream job,” she explains. “I always try to just make genuine connections with people, and treat them like family. I want people to come into my home for a portrait session and feel good. I’m more concerned with how I’m treating people than the hustle of it all.” But she hustles, too. She built her brand and portfolio on Instagram (@katie_levine_) . “My following [about 9,000] might not be substantial, but I’m concerned about quality. I don’t buy followers. It’s totally organic,” she says.

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