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Like every year, the attendance list at this meeting is amazing: Chinas president Xi Jinping, Joe Biden, John Kerry, Al Gore, IMF head Christine Lagarde (despite her recent travails), as well as scads of high-profile business people like Dave Cote of Honeywell, Marc Benioff of Salesforce ( CRM ) and Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs ( GS ). President-elect Donald Trump isnt goingits not really his scene (more on that below)and hey, the inauguration is that Friday, but Anthony Scaramucci, head of fund of funds company SkyBridge and Trump advisor, will be there. WEF does have its detractors, of course. Some say the meetings are really just ineffectual gatherings for the global elite to bloviate and pontificate. Others whisper that WEF is secretive and controlling and that Schwab has reportedly built a small fortune running the organization. But they dont complain too loudly as they dont want to be shut out. More For the uninitiated, the four days of Davos are like going to college. The first day is freshman year, confusing. Second day is like sophomore year, you find your way.

It's closing hundreds of stores. Others are in shambles, with leaking ceilings and broken escalators. In some, employees hang bedsheets to shield shoppers from sections that stand empty. Lampert, a billionaire, is trying to keep Sears afloat. He has provided up to $1 billion in financing to help keep it in operation. View photos More (Business Insider) Business Insider spoke with more than a dozen employees, ranging from store clerks to senior executives, about the unraveling of Sears. Many spoke on the condition that they not be identified for fear of legal retribution from Lampert and Sears, including one person who specified that she would only speak off the record upon the advice of an attorney. Some said they had signed nondisclosure forms barring them from sharing information about the company. The content of this article was described in detail to two Sears spokesmen, both of whom declined to comment when asked. Requests to interview Lampert were also declined. The employees who spoke to Business Insider describe an internal mess with a revolving door of executives and low morale.

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