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Its probably not Ryan Fitzpatrick or Robert Griffin III, also available as free agents. Could Kaepernick or Cutler get the Texans to the Super Bowl? Perhaps not. It shouldnt be about politics with Kaepernick, it should be about football. Its still a difficult evaluation. He was decent last season for the 49ers, with 16 touchdown passes, four interceptions and a passer rating of 90.7. But he has not demonstrated clearly that he can return to the level that once made him a Super Bowl starter. He had trouble unseating Blaine Gabbert from the starting job in San Francisco. He played for a team that went 2-14.

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The supreme commander of the Pakistani army General Raheel Sharif salutes as he inspects a military honour guard at the Pakistani army Mr Sharif then lived for many years in exile as a guest of the Saudis. The army has also been historically close to the Saudis, providing troops and training in the 1980s to the Saudi armed forces and receiving help for the purchase of weapons systems. Many Pakistanis are desperately keen that the country stay out of the crises that have gripped the Middle East. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are jointly trying to คมชัดลึก defeat the Houthi rebels in Yemen, who are Shia. The Saudis are also suspected of supporting a variety of militant Sunni groups fighting the regime of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria and of having helped Bahrain crack down on protests led by its majority Shia population. Pakistan would like to avoid any involvement in these countries. Image copyright AFP Image caption The Saudis are backing Yemen's exiled leader against the Houthi rebels The Saudis have long asked Pakistan to contribute to its forces in Yemen, which so far Pakistan has refused to do. Last year Pakistan's parliament voted against sending Pakistani troops to Yemen. However the new Islamic alliance led by the Saudis and the appointment of Gen Sharif may alter the strategic picture for some. Meanwhile Iran has increased its presence throughout the Middle East particularly in providing military aid to regimes in Iraq and Syria, while it is also allegedly helping the Houthis and other Shia in the region.

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